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Yohance: Trailer Update, New Stills

 I know it's been a LONG time since I posted any updates on this movie. Many of you have (understandably) been wondering whether or not this is even happening and deserve an explanation. That said, let's get into it: Trailer Update Delays   A while back, I made an announcement saying that the trailer was ready. However, due to the impending release of Avengers: Endgame (I know, that long ago) -we would wait until after to release the trailer.   During that short hiatus, I started noticing all these flaws and eventually came to the conclusion that i could do much better. The designs could be pushed further. I didn’t want this to look some amateur animated trailer that we see...

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First Look at Yohance 3: Makeda's Secrets

We're only a few weeks away from the next chapter in the Yohance Saga, Vol. 3: Makeda's Secrets. It's been a bit of time since the last issue so we thought we'd offer a sneak peek into what's coming next as well as what's happened up until now. What We Know about Yohance 3: Makeda When we last left Yohance, he was heading towards his homeworld of Makeda. Fans will know that didn't go to well. We'll finally find out why he was met with a hostile welcome and more about the culture he comes from, the Makeda.   Makeda has a rich and complex history. We'll finally get to see what culture shaped Yohance into who he is and how...

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Yohance Season 1 Trade Coming in November

    You heard that right! For months, fans have been demanding printed copies of Yohance. We are so excited to unveil the limited edition Printed Trade of Yohance Season 1. This beautiful book compiles Volumes 1-3 of Yohance. Carefully formatted and edited for print, this masterpiece is the perfect addition to any Comic lover's collection. Where to get yours   Season 1 goes on sale exclusively here at during our Black Friday Sale. We have a limited batch so if you don't want to risk getting your copy during the frenzy, you can pre-order a copy (limit 2 per person) PreOrder Right here  Exclusive Goodies   Preorders and Black Friday copies will also include Collectible Art boards signed by Paul Louise-Julie himself.  What's Changed   Sharp eyes...

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New Yohance Comic, Magazine

  Following the exciting news this weekend, the return of our most popular series kicks off this week of announcements. That's right, the fan-favorite Yohance comic series is coming back for a second season.      Many will recall Issue 003 (featured in the Midas Monkee Magazine 002) left on a cliffhanger. Our hero had crash landed on his homeworld Makeda and was being brought to face justice at the capital Yocoba. Fans will be delighted to know that Issue 004 will drop just in time for Black Friday next month.    After that, the series will debut its stunning second season in February 2020 in the Midas Monkee Magazine. Due to the Magazine featuring other stories and series on rotation, Yohance will feature bi-monthly. More on that later....

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Yohance Trailer Update

Welcome back! Most of you recall back in April when I said we'll be taking a brief break for a couple months?  Here we are in June and I'm sure many of you are wondering "Where's My Trailer?". Don't worry, here's all the info on where things are at the moment: 

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