First Look at Yohance's Ship the Ki-Wara

One of the more frustrating things about waiting to release a trailer is how little you're actually able to share prior to its release. So you can imagine how excited I get whenever I can share something. This is one of those days and I couldn't be more excited to unveil the Movie version of Yohance's ship, the Ki-Wara.

As you can see, it's modeled very closely to its Comic book counterpart but with a little more grit added to it. After all, this thing's been through A LOT -as most fans will already know from reading the comics.


The Ki-Wara was one of the first designs that I made when I created the comic. I wanted something recognizably African but also modern, sleek, and brimming with character. The basis of the design comes from the iconic Bambara Chi Wara Kun headdresses in Mali. When I think of Africa, it's easily the first image that pops into my head. Thus, it only felt natural to derive Yohance's ship from it. 

Hope you enjoyed this Exclusive look! Remember to look out for the Trailer in Mid-March!


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