First Look at Yohance 3: Makeda's Secrets

We're only a few weeks away from the next chapter in the Yohance Saga, Vol. 3: Makeda's Secrets. It's been a bit of time since the last issue so we thought we'd offer a sneak peek into what's coming next as well as what's happened up until now.

What We Know about Yohance 3:


When we last left Yohance, he was heading towards his homeworld of Makeda. Fans will know that didn't go to well. We'll finally find out why he was met with a hostile welcome and more about the culture he comes from, the Makeda.


Makeda has a rich and complex history. We'll finally get to see what culture shaped Yohance into who he is and how that affects his future.

It includes Issue 003

Vol.3 combines Issue 003 (released last year) with 20 new pages of content. Plus many scenes have been re-edited and redrawn to make this explosive chapter.

Vol. 3 drops on November 11th

Mark your calendars and get ready. The final chapter of Season 1 drops in a few weeks. You can preorder your copy today. 

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