Yohance to Premiere for Free on Youtube

  That's right, you read that correctly. The upcoming movie, Yohance & the Ekangeni Crystal will be released in HD for FREE on Youtube and Vimeo. The Extended 4k Release will be available for purchase on iTunes & Amazon Prime shortly after the online premiere. That includes 20 minutes of extra footage plus a TON of Special Features and Galleries. This decision comes after long deliberation on how the upcoming Yohance Movie will be distributed. If this model proves to be successful, ALL future Midas Monkee Movies & Shows will be released this way. Indiegogo Backers will automatically receive their own digital 4k copy of the Extended Cut plus Special features. 

Theatrical Release

  While a theatrical release isn't off the table, it was important to me that as many people can see it. This means as many people as possible around the world -on any device. This distribution model will also be applied to the upcoming The Pack TV Series as well as all other slated projects, including Mazenga & Candace of Nubia.

More than likely, a Theatrical release will follow our Film Festival tour. That said, we're very open to any theaters (both Chains and Independent) that would like show the Extended Cut. If you would like your local Theater to show Yohance, please have them contact us. If we have that are interested, the theater debut of the Extended Cut can coincide with the Youtube debut of the regular cut. 

Why Youtube?

  We live in a Post-Netflix world. Every major entertainment corporation from Disney to DC are starting up their own subscription service. As TVs get bigger and Home theater systems become more elaborate, the sometimes overpriced Movie theater experience starts to lose its appeal. This is a revolutionary new way to deliver content as it moves entertainment from traditional theaters to people's devices and homes. It's no surprise that this is where the industry is headed. But what does that mean for the Indie creator? What about the little guy? 

  One would think that this would democratize distribution for anyone not backed by a major production studio and a hundred-million dollar budget. Unfortunately, that's simply not the case. Despite the popularity of this new industry trend, most people aren't too jazzed about having to pay for multiple subscription services. After a while, it begins to add up. These hard-working people are very unlikely to pay for an Indie subscription as well, even if such an infrastructure was possible. Simply put, distribution costs a lot of money no matter which way you decide to go.


  It's become clear that the best way to distribute Indie content is through free platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo. When millions of people can access your content anywhere in the world -and on any device- it's truly something. This creates unprecedented brand awareness -which in turn converts into many different types of product sales. It's a fully sustainable model that will allow us to properly compensate our collaborators and allow us to keep creating.

  Yohance & the Ekangeni Crystal premieres in 2020 for Free on Youtube & Vimeo. An Extended Cut with 20 min of extra footage and special features will be released a few months later on iTunes and Amazon.



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