New Yohance Comic, Magazine

  Following the exciting news this weekend, the return of our most popular series kicks off this week of announcements. That's right, the fan-favorite Yohance comic series is coming back for a second season. 


  Many will recall Issue 003 (featured in the Midas Monkee Magazine 002) left on a cliffhanger. Our hero had crash landed on his homeworld Makeda and was being brought to face justice at the capital Yocoba. Fans will be delighted to know that Issue 004 will drop just in time for Black Friday next month. 

  After that, the series will debut its stunning second season in February 2020 in the Midas Monkee Magazine. Due to the Magazine featuring other stories and series on rotation, Yohance will feature bi-monthly. More on that later.

With the Yohance Trailer rumored to drop sometime over the holidays, this is proving to be an exciting time for our favorite African Space opera. Stay tuned for more Yohance news. 


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