Principal Modeling begins. First Look

  Principal Modeling is underway on The Pack series and the Yohance Movie. Sculpting the main characters will continue for a few more weeks before moving onto texturing, rigging, and finally animation. 

  It's an indescribable feeling watching something that you created in 2D brought to life in 3D. After drawing these characters for so long, finally interacting with 3D versions of those drawings is surreal.

  While modeling both projects at the same time has proven to be challenging, it has also weirdly synchronized. The vast difference of both worlds and formats has allowed a stimulating balance between workflows -while at the same time preventing burnout. 

  The first trailer for Yohance is set to drop around March 2019 so stay tuned! In the meantime, have a peek of some of the models in Production. 


The Pack



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