Yohance Season 1 Trade Coming in November


  You heard that right! For months, fans have been demanding printed copies of Yohance. We are so excited to unveil the limited edition Printed Trade of Yohance Season 1. This beautiful book compiles Volumes 1-3 of Yohance. Carefully formatted and edited for print, this masterpiece is the perfect addition to any Comic lover's collection.

Where to get yours

  Season 1 goes on sale exclusively here at MidasMonkee.com during our Black Friday Sale. We have a limited batch so if you don't want to risk getting your copy during the frenzy, you can pre-order a copy (limit 2 per person)

PreOrder Right here 

Exclusive Goodies

  Preorders and Black Friday copies will also include Collectible Art boards signed by Paul Louise-Julie himself. 

What's Changed

  Sharp eyes might notice several aesthetic changes in the new Edition. Namely some tighter rendering in the final pages of Issue 1 as well as more vibrant colors. A lot of care went into making sure these were the best versions possible. 

Limited Amount

  While the book will certainly be reprinted when stock runs out, it will return at full price and without signed exclusives. Signed copies will be available with an extra charge. 


So are you excited yet? Be sure to spread the word and get your copies in time for the holidays. 

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