Yohance and Pack to Continue as Movies & TV Show. No More Comics

Yohance & The Pack Comics

Yohance & The Pack Comic series are officially being replaced by the Yohance Movie coming in 2020 and the newly announced The Pack Web Series. Both projects will continue where the comics left off and take fans much further into the mythos. Creator Paul Louise-Julie had some reassuring words for fans when asked about this major decision earlier today.

"This was actually decided since before the [Yohance] Kickstarter. I don't think this is a sad decision at all, quite the contraryMovies and TV allow you to tell so much more story without having readers wait months at a time for a single episode. These are our two most successful franchises so far so it just made more sense (...) We have those resources now so it's time to make that transition. I'm excited and so is everyone involved. It's where we've wanted to go all along."

The books are still available for sale at the Midas Monkee Shop. Printed Bundles will be available in January. 

The Yohance Movie


  As most fans know, the Yohance Movie Indiegogo successfully raised over $13,000 a few months ago to bring this much anticipated movie to life by 2020. Pre-Production began last month and apparently a trailer will be dropped as early as March 1st, next year. Creator Paul Louise-Julie has also announced that he will be making his directorial debut on the movie and had this to say:

  It's an enormous undertaking but one that I've been waiting for my entire life. These stories are meant to be seen on screen. I can't wait to unveil what we've been working on because frankly I think it's going to blow people's minds. We're hoping to have a trailer by March and a short submitted to the Cannes Festival around that same time. Surprisingly, production has gone incredibly smooth and we're right on schedule. I'll be posting behind the scenes peeks to the website, Indiegogo, and our Social media platforms starting next year. Until then, I have to keep this pretty close to the chest. 

Yohance: The Ekangeni Crystal comes out Summer 2020. Trailer coming March 1st

The Pack TV Series

Probably the most exciting piece of news today is the announcement of The Pack TV Series. Fans of this beloved property have been in limbo for a while. Issue 4 dropped in June after a 1-year hiatus.

While the reasons for the Series delay have nothing to do with its popularity, Creator Paul Louise-Julie had this to say:

"I originally conceived The Pack like an ongoing TV series with overlapping plots and several POV characters. After a while, I became frustrated because making comics is so dreadfully slow and there was so much that I wanted to communicate but couldn't because we hadn't gotten to that part yet." 

The Series will be scored by Joel Santos and Directed by Paul Louise-Julie himself. Artistically, the style will resemble the graphic line art of the comics while incorporating CGI. The series itself will redistributed as a free Web-series on Facebook and Youtube. After the first season's 22 episode run, it will be available for sale on Digital HD. 

The Pack Series will arrive sometime in 2021 and will drop its first trailer in May. 




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