Yohance Preproduction Comes to Close. Trailers Drop Early 2019

The Script

After three arduous months, Pre-production on Yohance is finally coming to a close. This is great news considering that the bulk of work was spent reconceptualizing characters, locations and props due to countless script revisions.

  The great part of this news is that Production is actually ahead of schedule. The script does still needs a little find tuning here and there but at least Pre-Production can officially close at the end of this month. This also means that Principal Modeling would done by the end of the year -right on time for animation and principal photography in January. 

Concept Art

  From day one, the biggest challenge with this project has been its unique design. Though many have attempted it in the past, authentic Afrofuturism has never been fully achieved. The concept goes far beyond juxtaposing existing African tribal elements with Western technology. True Afrofuturism needs to be seamlessly African and technologically advanced down to the DNA. This requires a healthy knowledge of African shapes, design trends and how to reimagine them in a futuristic way.

  Many times, the script would have a perfectly designed scene and an established look- only to have that design completely reworked for weeks to ensure authentic Afrofuturism. 

The Pack

  Shortly after announcing the upcoming Pack TV Series, Pre-production began. It is unclear whether or not Paul Louise-Julie will hire other writers to work on the series as well. However, the creator did say that this series will offer much more detailed storylines as well as focus on new character beyond the core cast. 

This could mean many new exciting things for the franchise but it's clear that the story is about to become far more complex than its comic counterpart.


  While the official dates for the first teaser trailers have yet to be announced, Yohance's trailer will debut sometime Early 2019. The Pack's trailer will follow about  two months after.




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