Yohance Trailer Update

Welcome back! Most of you recall back in April when I said we'll be taking a brief break for a couple months? This was to prevent our trailer from getting lost in the recent Avengers: Endgame hype (congrats to Marvel Studios btw). So, here we are in June and I'm sure many of you are wondering "Where's My Trailer?". Don't worry! It's still very much on its way. However, we hit a few road bumps that will push its release back a couple more months. I understand this is not the news that many of you wanted to hear but I assure you it is only to make sure that this trailer meets and exceeds your very high expectations (as it should). 

Now, that doesn't mean that I won't be dropping plenty of images and behind the scenes insights until then because there will be plenty! As images though, it will be more concept art than stills from the movie for the sole reason that I don't want to spoil the trailer for you guys. Trust me, this thing is constantly evolving in ways that are FAR more complex and layered than the comic was. 

So, what kind of 'road bumps' are behind this slight delay? 

Script Rewrites

One of the most never-ending parts of making a movie is the screenwriting process. Yohance is no exception. Over recent months, the story has taken so many new and exciting directions, I can't even keep count anymore. Las month alone saw an extra 50 pages of story with a new additional story arc as well as new locations. What does this have to do with the trailer? Simple. Some scenes are added while others are removed or replaced. The last thing we want is the movie to look nothing like what was advertised.

Musical Score

I am so happy to finally announce the official composer behind Yohance's score is Joel Santos. I cannot tell you guys how much of an honor and joy it has been working with Joel on this project. He took on the very ambitious task of creating an authentically African sound with modern orchestral elements so as not to lose that production value of Hollywood movies. 

  But the genius behind Joel's work (and the challenge) is creating a new genre that seamlessly blends an African feel with Sci Fi elements found in films such as Blade Runner or Star Wars. These genres don't naturally mix so there was a lot of experimentation that had to be done. Unlike the comic, Yohance is a collaborative process. As much as I'm developing the visual and story side, Joel has to create the musical side of this world from scratch with no precedent. 

New Design and Scenes

One of the many reasons I switched over to a movie format is the ability to add more designs! 2 years ago, I came up with the concept of Yohance and this first question I asked myself is "What would that even look like?". What resulted was the first original poster (below). However, since then, my understanding of African art and design has deepened and by consequence my understanding of Afro-futurism. More importantly how to reimagine traditional African elements in a futuristic way that will stand on par with the current leading Sci Fi brands. When you see the trailer, the designs will be so detailed. They will create the illusion that they've been here all along.


For those that don't already know, this is a photorealistic animated film. As cool as that sounds it also means that production requires some very expensive custom built hardware to render the amount of graphics this movie requires. 

As it stands, I've come as far as I can go with my current hardware. I need to upgrade to a machine that can handle my rendering needs. Unfortunately render farms are not a sustainable option for this project so that means spending thousands of dollars on a custom built rig with the latest components on the market. I should be getting a hold of one by the end of the month which means happy rendering all July. 

Anyway, that's all for now. be sure to stay tuned for constant updates and exclusive content leading up tot the trailer's release. Thank you all for being so patient and supportive. I promise it will be well worth it. 



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