Yohance: Trailer Update, New Stills

 I know it's been a LONG time since I posted any updates on this movie. Many of you have (understandably) been wondering whether or not this is even happening and deserve an explanation. That said, let's get into it:

Trailer Update


  A while back, I made an announcement saying that the trailer was ready. However, due to the impending release of Avengers: Endgame (I know, that long ago) -we would wait until after to release the trailer.

  During that short hiatus, I started noticing all these flaws and eventually came to the conclusion that i could do much better. The designs could be pushed further. I didn’t want this to look some amateur animated trailer that we see all the time on youtube. i want this to be cinematic quality. I spent the last year pushing the realism as far as I could. Now we’ve come full circle, and I can honestly say that I’m pleased with the results. Every time I render out a shot, I get chills only because I feel this world come to life -real life- pice by piece. 


 So where does that put us? At this point, the new trailer is about halfway rendered. Hopefully this means that we should have a finished product to show you guys by the end of this month.



This section is for the tech geeks out there. 

  A few creators have asked what software I’m using to produce this film. As for as producing the shots themselves, everything has been completely done in Blender. It’s built-in ray-tracing engine Cycles is INCREDIBLY powerful and has allowed me to achieve stunning photorealistic shots. As exciting as this is, I don’t have access to massive render farms nor do I have the funds to upload ALL these shots to a cloud render every time I complete one.  Thus, my biggest Achilles heel during this whole revamp has been rendering. That usually means rendering 2-6 sec shots to render overnight. 

  It seems tedious but the job’s been getting done -albeit slowly. Hopefully, once we can get more funding, we can build our own render farm here at the studio and cut our production time in half. 

The Plan

  By now, some of you are thinking, “Getting the trailer done is one thing, but how do you intend to produce a full-length movie on limited resources and no funding?”  Terrific question. That is precisely why this trailer is so important. Along with the trailers for two more top secret projects, Yohance will be submitted to the Annecy Film Festival next year. Once accepted these projects will be presented before some of the industry’s top financiers and producers. If things go to plan, we’ll not only get the funding that we need but marketing and worldwide distribution as well. This means a full theatrical run as well as Digital streaming

Yohance: The Ekangeni Saga

Which brings me to the last topic. Every dollar you spend at Midas Monkee goes to support this movie and more content. If you haven’t already, be sure to order your copy of the Yohance: the Ekangeni Saga comic. This gorgeous trade is filled cover to cover with stunning artwork and an Afrofuturist story that will captivate you time and time again. 


That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more Midas Monkee news and be sure to check out our store for more Afro-Fantasy comics!



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